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Book - Jin Jin the Dragon by Grace Chang

Jin Jin the Dragon by Grace Chang

Illustrated by Chong Chang

Children enter the world of the Chinese dragon here, very different from the European dragon tradition that many may already be aware of. Jin Jin hatches from an egg and is not sure what type of creature he is. As he meets different animals, he finds he has much in common with them. He has the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle, the body of a snake. In order to find out what he really is, he journeys to see Old Turtle and Crane who should be able to help him. On the way readers get a taste of Chinese lettering as well as Chinese culture. Finally, when he reaches his destination, Jin Jin fully understands what being a dragon is all about.

Lovingly written and illustrated by siblings, this book is a glimpse into another culture where dragons are kind, curious and enchanting. Both the text of the novel and the illustrations are more personal than most books, something that contributes to its authenticity. The book has the feel of a traditional picture book while still being modern and accessible.

Recommended for children to understand a different type of dragon and learn about another culture. This is perfect to use for Chinese New Year, but should not be limited to that. Appropriate for younger elementary children ages 6-8.
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